Project development

 Year 2012

  • Round table Discussions on Paul Ricoeur, Du texte à l’action. Essais d’herméneutique II, „Phénoménologie et herméneutique : en venant de Husserl” (11.01, 18.01, 25.01, 02.02, 08. 02 2012). Participants: PhD candidates from University of Bucharest, PhD Researchers from the Romanian Society for Phenomenology. Place: Casa Lovinescu, Bucharest. Organizers: Christian Ferencz Flatz and Paul Marinescu
  • Research training at „Paul Ricoeur Archives” from Paris, Institut de Théologie Protestante.
  • Researches on Dragomir’s phenomenology of history and oblivion
  • Attending 2 International Conferences at Madrid and Bucharest
  • Attending 1 National Conference at Bucharest
  • Organising a National Colloquium at Bucharest. Themes discussed: vulnerability, oblivion, selfforgetfullness and oblivion of the being
  • Translating the first chapters from Ricoeur’s Soi-meme comme un autre.
  • Call for Papers for Studia Phaenomenologica issue on Paul Ricoeur’s phenomenology.
  • Publishing 2 Book-Reviews in BDI Journals
  • Conference at Casa Lovinescu. Themes discussed: fallibility, fragmented cogito, anthropology.
  • Themes discussed: translativity, hermeneutic exeperience,  neurobiology, traces of the past, memory, forgetfullness, fallibility, capable human being,

Year 2013 (January-November)

  • Publishing an article in a BDI Indexed Journal
  • Submitting an article to an ISI Indexed Journal
  • Publishing an article in a volume of collective studies
  • Editing the dossier Studia Phaenomenologica on Paul Ricoeur’s Phenomenology (with Olivier Abel)
  • Editing the volume Figuri ale vulnerabilitatii existentiale.  De la uitarea de sine la uitarea fiintei (with Ch. Ferencz-Flatz)
  • Research training at Prague, Archives Jan Patocka, National Library from Prague
  • Attending 2 International Conferences at Groningen (Netherland) and Bucharest
  • Attending 1 National Conference
  • Organising a Workshop on Urma, Sediment, Memorie corporala (Trace, Sediment, Bodily Memory)
  • Publishing 2 Introductions: to Studia Phaenomenologica issue on Ricoeur and to the volume on existential vulnerability
  • Translating 7 chapters from Ricoeur’s Soi-meme comme un autre
  • Bibliography on Phenomenology of forgetfulness
  • Organising a National Coloquium on the Problem of the Representation of the Past. Paul Ricoeur Centenary
  • Themes discussed: the past as absence, representance, cognitive sciences, history and forgetting, vulnerabillity of the cogito and the surplus (of being)

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